Do you believe in Spirits?

Imagine a ghost watching you sleep! Yikes!

November 9, 2018


This is going straight into my WHAT THE !@#$ file of things I've found on the internet.
I don't consider myself religious, maybe spiritual? I am extremely curious about Spirit and if energy from living things continue after the physical body is gone.
In a closed Facebook group I belong to (that's totally un-related to ghosts) someone posted this photo of evidence they caught of a spirit in their home. I've got to say, If it's real this is hella scary! The skeptic in me wants someone to investigate the photo for tampering like photoshop etc.
She gave me permission to share the image uncensored but wanted me to do so anonymously.
Here you can see an image of a woman watching her in her sleep. I asked her how the photo was taken and she told me she was experiencing her lights turning on and off in the middle of the night. She set up a trail camera in her own bedroom to see what was going on. This is her sleeping in the photo.
My question to you- fact or faked?