Percussion Paintings

Georgie LeHoop, Drum Artist

October 1, 2018


Every year my hometown has a festival celebrating it's biggest past time, apples, with the Hilton, New York Apple Fest. I made it back home this year to check out the festival, per tradition and was happy to support local arts, crafts and food makers this year. I stumbled upon an artist from Saint Clair, Pennsylvania that I thought the Alt Family would just love. His name is Georgie LeHoop and makes paintings by drumming! The art is made on old records, symbols and the classic canvas. His art is multimedia and he often records his drum patterns as he thumps out the paintings. Check it out!
Georgie's pieces are available on Etsy if you're curious about supporting his art and music.

Bellefonte Arts and Crafts Fair. Bellefonte Pa. #drumart #drumartist #visualrhythm #iseesounds #georgielehoop #

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