Don Broco Front Man A Sabres Fan?

Watch Rob Damiani of Don Broco's Get Hype At First Buffalo Sabres Game

November 14, 2018



Today's video of the week is an Instagram story so you'll have to watch it while it's still live!
2018 has brought me and the Alt Family some awesome New Music Discoveries! By far my favorite band that I have discovered (thanks to my awesome boyfriend) is Don Broco from Bedford, England.
You might have caught them this summer at the very last Van's Warped Tour. Axe, our new music ambassador has been playing their song "Come Out To L.A." on The Underground Collective
This morning I woke up to a quite random surprise on my Twitter feed...
Front man Rob Damiani shared a photo of him at yesterday's Buffalo Sabres game! Tonight they are playing at the House of Blues in Boston and must have stopped on their way through.

First of all, ROB, thanks for not stopping by the studio. We love you too.
We forgive him, but seriously, check out his instagram story right now before it's gone. This was homeboy's FIRST HOCKEY GAME EVER and I think we made a Buffalo Sabres fan for life. The hype is real folks!

Just so the boys of Don Broco know- you guys are always welcome in Buffalo, NY whether it's to play us a kick ass show or to enjoy a hockey game and beers...
you and your hot dog hat.




Thanks to Jim Conners of 27k Photography for the photos, check out his full album from their Warped Tour 2018 set at Darien Lake here.