Thanksgiving on the Road

Vegan with Badflower

November 26, 2018


"If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table, not a bigger fence."

Coming up on one year practicing veganism I have learned a lot about myself and the world I live in.  Most importantly, I'm aware that my decision to live this lifestyle comes from a place of privilege. I'm very grateful to live in a community where there are many resources to education and food variety.
Western New York has seen an incredible explosion this past year in veganism and the curiosity that leads to it. From an all vegan grocery store to all vegan restaurants and not to mention a plethora of plant based options and goods popping up around the area, we're pretty fortunate! 

After family, food and music may be the biggest parts of my life. I've been trying to find ways to interweave my love for both music and veganism and find a way to uplift our community with both in Western New York.

Anyone that knows me well can tell you I have a nagging desire to "Mom" bands. I would probably make a really great tour manager, but here I am, mothering my own child and playing band's music on the radio instead.
An opportunity fell into my lap the other day that gave me much enjoyment...

Over the Thanksgiving weekend the band The Wrecks made their "hometown" stop on Friday at the Rec Room with tour mates Badflower and Deal Casino. The Wrecks' frontman Nick Anderson's family was hosting all three bands for Thanksgiving. This is such a wonderful gesture as I'm sure home cooked meals and spending time with family on tour is rare. Three bands + family? What a nutty undertaking! What made things a little more complicated was that three of the four members of Badflower are vegan. For someone that doesn't have experience cooking for vegans, especially surrounding traditional holiday meals, this can be a huge challenge. 

Here comes wannabe band mom....

Of course I hooked the boys up with some awesome fully vegan dishes for their Thanksgiving! I doubled up on the servings to bring some to my parents for our dinner as well, check this out:

1. Butternut squash mac (no cheese) with bread crumbs pre-oven. Check out the recipe here. I omit the nutmeg. This was a crowd pleaser vegan and non. 
2. Cold broccoli salad. This was suggested to me by a WNY Vegans Facebook member. Raw broccoli sliced, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, Italian dressing- chill. Super easy.

Along with the dishes I was able to gift the boys of Badflower with gorgeous Stainless Heart ornaments courtesy of White Gloved Vegan, local vegan lifestyle bloggers Brittany and Alex. Thanks guys!

Our fall Letchworth State Park visit was amazing for many reasons and we couldn't think of a more beautiful backdrop to show off our custom designed holiday ornament. ---- 100% eco-friendly and stainless steel. #veganwishlist ------

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On the following Friday I was able to see Badflower live at the Rec Room. Holy cow! These guys can truly rip it up! I was able to catch up with them back stage and have a chat and I can confirm they are sweet, humble ready to make new fans! Their album "Ok, I'm Sick" is due out February 22nd and you can now hear the acoustic version of their song "Ghost" on Alternative Buffalo. Frontman Josh Katz sported a Buffalo fan-made t-shirt Friday night that said "I'm Sick Too." After watching the crowd sing along to their songs it's apparent that our community desperately needs musicians who are vocal about mental health. 

Check out their single "Ghost" here. My personal favorites I suggest you dig into are "Animal" ,"Let The Band Play" and "Heroin."


Every year we have many vegan musicians on the road traveling through Buffalo, Niagara and the surrounding areas. We'd like to thank them for their lifestyle choices and their sacrifices they make being on the road to entertain us. If you're a local vegan friendly business and would like to get involved with supporting touring and local musicians, please email me at