Photo Credit - Universal Music Group with permissions to Entercom Buffalo LLC.


January 16, 2017

Now that you have Discoverd and Downloaded JUNGE JUNGE (CLICK HERE if you haven't yet!) get to know him more with this EXCLUSIVE Alt Buffalo Q & A!

1.First things first: How do we pronounce “Junge Junge”?
We actually asked ourselves already a few times how Junge Junge is being pronounced in the USA or other countries! Phonetically, it is pronounced:  “Yoong-uh Yoong-uh”
2.The story of how you were discovered is pretty wild. Tell us what was going through your heads when you were offered a same-day record deal in Ibiza?
This whole thing was kind of surreal for us. But it was also a feeling of affirmation for the song we produced. Usually you just have your closest people around you that are giving you feedback about your music but it is a totally different thing when the boss of Universal Scandinavia is telling you “this is a great song!”.
3.It sounds like you two respected each other as individual DJs before coming together as Junge Junge. At what point did you know you wanted to join forces?
 Actually, we were on the same level since our first day together in the studio. From this day on, we always play our gigs together. In the beginning, we played as Grolle & Noack.
4.When and/or where do you feel the most creatively inspired as a team? How about individually?
We are the most creative when we are on tour, travelling with our own little setup. It is also great to be in the countryside only connected to a generator. This is a fun and different way of inspiring creativity and it has given us good results so far.
5.Rochus, we hear that you listened to a lot of your parents’ albums while, Michael, you listened to your uncle’s reggae music—do either of you feel that these albums you grew up with influenced the music you’re making today? If so, how?
Obviously, every musical influence comes from a certain time and is definitely a part of a developmental process. Good music comes out of experiencing certain situations and every situation has its own vibe and energy. When we are producing music, we feel that same vibe and energy…so yes, our history has influenced our music today, 100%..
6.Is there anything you want to share with your fans or the music world at large that you feel like you haven’t had the chance to share? We’re all ears!
At the moment we are working on our own very first album. It will be released on Universal Music by the end of the year. Stay tuned!
7.Is there a chance we can expect to see you stateside anytime soon?
We have never been to the States, and it is a big dream for us to play there.  We have a feeling it will be very soon…