Holiday Meal In A Can

Can you handle the Christmas Tinner?

November 9, 2018


Let me start off by saying by all means I know this product or even video isn't new. 
I'll also say I have no idea why I've never seen this on the internet before! Last night at Mr. Goodbar my friend showed me this photo on her phone of a product called "Christmas Tinner." My reaction? "Is this supposed to be satirical?" Nope. 100% real. Check out this holiday meal packed into a can. This reminds me of something only Willy Wonka would dream up:

It's Christmas dinner with the Santemas #christmas #christmastinner #yum #turkey

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I wanted to see someone actually eat it. Honestly, I'm impressed he wasn't gagging as much as I expected. Check out what this baby looks like outside of the can:

I'm not even positive if it's real anymore after trying to search for it myself online. The only thing I could find was "Merrick Seasonal Christmas Day Dinner Canned Dog Food" and that looks pretty damn close.

Merry Christmas Kevin


Happy birthday Macaulay Cullin have all the ice cream you want ------ #homealone #kevinmcallister #macaulayculkin #celebritybirthdays #movies #90's #chriscolumbus #joepesci #danielstern

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