Twenty One Pilots Play The Quiet Game

February 21, 2019

The Quiet Game...I'll admit I've used it babysitting my friend's kids when they get too loud and I need some peace and quiet.  Try to see who can be silent the longest, and it usually lasts for about two seconds. 

Well now Twenty One Pilots are playing The Quiet Game during their shows (most of which are sold out).  Talk about ironic, considering concerts are the place where one can be released, sing-along, cheer, shout, etc.  Not to mention the irony was not lost on Twenty One Pilots fans who recall the band's year long silence.  You can read their tweets here

They first played the game in Poland where the crowd lasted about four seconds till the silence was broken.  And the band intends to play this game on the rest of the Bandito tour, which includes their show at Keybank Center, June 1st.  So Buffalo you better practice being quiet!