Stink Bug Attacks Brandi

Spring is here and so are the stink bugs!

March 20, 2019

I was so happy since it's the first day of spring, sun is shining... until I met my new cohost on Alt Buffalo today.

His name was Mr. Stink Bug, and I heard him buzzing by the window at the beginning of my radio show. After my first talk break I climbed up on a chair because of course he's at the very top of the window, I tried to swat him and failed.

Sheer horror came over me because I couldn't find where he went.  I had to continue on with my show and just as I had opened the mic and was talking about my excitment for the Kerfuffle annouce, I noticed something out the corner of my eye.  I was mid sentence when I looked over my shoulder (very slyly so that I was still talking into the mic) and saw that the stink bug was on my shoulder!!!!!  I schrieked on air and stopped talking all together.  I quickly started the next song and flicked my encroaching cohost off my shoulder!

While a little embarassed about what just happened on air, this was now war!  There he was crawling on the studio board, so I took a whack at him with the music log.  As I lifted the log, hoping to see his guts on the otherside, there was nothing!  Mortified again, I went looking for someone to help me cause the studio was just not big enough for the stink bug and I anymore. 

Thankfully, Emily came to my rescue!  We looked all over the studio, freaking ourselves out over every dust bunny that looked like the potential criminal.  On a side note, the studio really does need a good cleaning. Then all of a sudden, the stink bug reappeared in one of the open studio cupboards.  Thanks to Emily's quick thinking, she grabbed a jar candle and trapped the little bugger!  I am eternally grateful.

Needless to say I am traumatized and can still feel something crawling on my shoulder.  Luckily, I was able to capture this highlight of my day so that you can listen to the horrifing moment as it happened. 

So when they told us the Polar Vortex killed 95% of the stink bug population, that was fake news.  Happy Spring!