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The Daily Feed - Bishop Briggs shaves her head

October 30, 2018

Bishop Briggs is def a member of the #AltFamily.  She has been gracing the Alternative buffalo airwaves since 2015 when we first played “River”, and cemented that position when she took the stage at #TKBC 2017.

One of her most recognizable features of course, is her hair.  When it's up in buns that it is in when she takes the stage, or when we see her in music videos. But, in a shocking twist, she showed up on the interwebs with a drastic new hair style the other day. 

She shaved her head!  Like all of it! 

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Turns out it was for a reason thought.  The new hairdo is a sign of support for her friend Arax, who just started chemotherapy. She took to Twitter with “This isn’t a Halloween Costume but it’s def gonna scare my mum”

She took to her Instagram story as well “I felt this was something small I could do to show my support. I love you!”  With October being breast cancer awareness month, Bishop also wanted to let her followers know to support breast cancer awareness and research by donating to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

An amazing talent with a HUGE heart.  We love you Bishop!  You can support patients through the Susan G. Komen Foundation here.