Thirty-Four Things You Probably Don’t Know About Axe Clark (By Mrs. Axe)

November 20, 2018

Axe here. To celebrate a certain special occasion (#34 on this list), Mrs. Axe decided she wanted to tell you a little bit more about yours truly. Hope you enjoy these fun facts about me.


Thirty-Four Things You Probably Don’t Know About Axe Clark :

1. He is my best friend.

2. His sense of humor is really corny, he tells the worst dad jokes.

3. He wears a size 14 shoe. Seriously, we could all probably canoe in them if there was a flood.

4. He used to eat his entree first, then the side. Now he eats his side first, and his entree last.

5. He painted my toes, ONCE when I was pregnant. He didn’t do a great job but he begrudgingly tried his best for me.

6. He has some of the most extensive music knowledge I’ve ever encountered (aside from maybe Nik Rivers).

7. He makes the best grilled cheeses.

8. He loves true crime stories, and he has a really funny fascination with serial killers. 

9. He is really shy at first. Once you get to know him though, just try to keep him from quoting obscure movie lines in conversation form, for hours on end. 

10. He buys me sunflowers. Just because.

11. He is generous. He always lets me take over his side of the closet, and he always offers me the last bite of the really good stuff.

12. He once had a blue mohawk. He swears it was the reason I started talking to him. 

13. He can’t hear anything half the time. He really is getting old. --

14. He is a good uncle. He is still a little skittish being a giant dude around so many small children in our family. But on the way home from a family gathering, he always talks about the kids and tells funny stories about what occurred during the event.

15. He drinks his coffee black.

16. He works really hard. He works 7 days a week. He doesn’t really complain either, he is just constantly seeking to better himself. 

17. He loves Die Hard (Ok, I lied, everyone knows that.)

18. He likes to listen to music while he does dishes. 

19. He was a pitcher in high school. He played for (current name) Saint John Paul II Academy, in Florida. As a freshman in high school, he was nationally ranked 40th overall in the nation. 

20. He wanted to be a PE teacher, and a history teacher at one time. (I personally think he would’ve been a great teacher.)

21. He likes his steak cooked Medium Rare but his burgers cooked Medium.

22. He is a really happy drunk. He is also an entertaining drunk. (Kennedy lol)

23. His favorite color is blue. Like a royal blue. 

24. He used to dabble in stand-up. He still writes jokes sometimes. Sometimes we even come up with funny ones together.

25. He kicks my ass in chess, but he is TERRIBLE at Monopoly.

26. Axe is from Florida. He once admitted to me that he enjoys the winters up here. Weirdo.

27. He loves basset hounds. He had a basset hound and a golden lab growing up.

28. He likes peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies.

29. He gets super stoked when he has to shred stuff with our shredder.

30. He used to dislike cats, so he got cats. 

31. He likes eggs scrambled.

32. He likes raisin toast.

33. He has a soft spot for funny kid, funny dog, and funny cat videos. 

34. It’s his birthday today. He’s turning 34.