Bob's Burgers @ SXSW?- AXE

March 21, 2018

Photo Credit: Steve Lagreca from Dreamstime


Yesterday I wrote a blog about the cool, unexpected things you find at SXSW, and the DC pop-up shop wasn't the only cool thing I found. Allow me to back up for a minute though, if I may. Sometimes, instead of running into cool things, you go looking for them. Before I left for SXSW, I had seen a post on Facebook of an actual Bob's Burgers food truck that was in Austin for SXSW. The only questions now were: where was it? And how long was it going to be there? I got an answer to the first question by doing a little Facebook detective work. It was just over the highway on 6th Street. The second question was tougher to answer so I decided to just make the trip and go looking and here is what I found

It was real! It actually existed! IT WAS CLOSED!!!

The fact it was closed due to being sold out was ok though.It meant that lots of Bob's fans had found the truck and got to enjoy it, and I still got some cool pics out of it. I especially liked the names of the specials.

But while I went out of my way to find this food truck, I happened upon another Bob's Burgers item I hadn't planned on. That would be these awesome "holy" candles

You never really know what you'll find at SXSW. And you never really know how many of your friends like the same show as you unitl you show them these pictures and they freak out lol. I hope you enjoyed the story and pics. Be sure to keep an eye out for a few more blogs about my SXSW experience. I'll give you a run down of the exotic foods I ate and my favorite bands from the festival!