September 28, 2018

So there's a fun activity that has slowly gained a big following here in Western New York and that is rock hiding. Now I know that sounds simple, and maybe even boring, but it's really fun. There are a lot of different groups on Facebook dedicated to it. The idea is, you go out and find rocks to paint, you paint them, and then hide them. When people find them, they post a picture of it to the Facebook page and either re-hide, or keep it if they like it that much. People also like to post pictures of their rocks before they hide them and sometimes let the members of the group know what general area they hid them in.

Here are a few examples of rocks I've found around town.

This one was found right outside our Alt Buffalo studios and is from the Facebook group Dunkirk Rocks (#DunkirkRocks)

This second one was also found outside our Alt Buffalo studios (seems to be a popular hiding place) and was from the Facebook group Rock Adventures of WNY

The most popular group on Facebook in terms of members would be Sweet Buffalo Rocks with just over 35,000 members.

My wife and I have also gotten into it!

I'm more into the collecting as I'm not very artistically inclined (unlike my wife who happens to be great at drawing, painting... pretty much any kind of art)

That's me above on a walk with my wife looking for rocks for her to paint. A lot of the fun of looking for the rocks is looking for ones that look like something. Does it look like a slice of pizza? A dog? It's completely up to you. It lets you mind wander and gets the creative juices flowing.

These are a couple of rocks my wife painted

And we like to spread the idea and fun when we travel. We "hid" an Alt Buffalo rock my wife painted at Lollapalooza this past summer

So if you've been looking for a new activity that's fun, give rock hiding and hunting a chance. You can see some of the great designs people have made and hid on the pages I named above. And don't let the fact that winter is coming stop you. People hide and hunt year round. Just remember to not hide rocks anywhere you're not allowed to legally enter and avoid areas that may get mowed or snow blown as the mower and blower can turn them into dangerous projectiles. Otherwise, have fun being creative, artistic and hunting!