May 31, 2019

Last Sunday, I took advantage of some time off for Memorial Day weekend by making my first visit to Letchworth State Park and it was amazing! I've been to state parks before in both New York and other states, but this was by far the largest and nicest state park I have ever been to (I can easily see why it was voted best state park in New York).. There were trails everywhere, all with breathe taking views.

Even more stunning then all the different trails, were the water falls.

There were little water falls like these ones buried in the sides of cliffs

And BIG waterfalls like these

And the water falls all fed into huge rivers that were surrounded by a giant gorge which could be seen from different observation points along the trails

Not bad for my first time at all. Plus, there's still so much more to explore next time I go. I didn't even get to see the Dam or the campgrounds. Maybe a camping trip will be in order for the next holiday weekend (the campgrounds were full since this was a last minute/spur of the moment decision on a holiday weekend). If you get the chance, definitely take the trip to Letchworth State Park. Only an hour from Buffalo, it is absolutely worth it!