October 19, 2018

This is without doubt, my favorite time of the year. The summer heat has subsided, and the cool air is starting to turn the leaves into beautiful colors.

That's not the only reason I love this time of year though. In fact, there are many reasons I love the fall and winter. For starters, right now, all four major sports are in season (MLB has the playoffs, NFL is approaching the midway point, and the NBA and NHL are just starting up) so theres always a game on to watch. Plus college football (and soon baseketball). 

I also love how it just seems like one big event after another, starting with Halloween! And who doesn't get excited about dressing up AND candy?! Sounds like a good time to me. Although I will admit I don't get into it the way I used to when I was younger. I had some pretty great costumes when I was a kid if I may say so myself.

This first pic is around 1st grade and I was the old scool Wolverine. 

This second pic requires a little back story. Now first, understand that I'm a born and rasied Floridian who has always rooted for the Dolphins (please hold your hate mail). In 1993, just before my 9th birthday, Dan Marino tore his achilles tendon and missed nearly the entire season. So, wanting my costume to be as accurate as possible, I went as the injured Dan Marino for Halloween and people's reactions were great to say the least. Several people even asked if they could take a picture! I don't think I'll ever top this one

After Halloween, the countdown to my birthday begins. November 20th for anyone that wants to get me a gift (wink wink). Now I'm not one of those people who has to have a "birthday week" or "birthday month", but I do like going out and doing something out of the usual if I can. (side note, my 30th birthday fell during the fabled 'Snowvember' storm and I was stuck indoors for three days. Looking back, that was oddly enough one of my favoite birthdays. It turned into a three day slumber party in my living room, binge watching Netflix and eating whatever food the gas station on the corner had. That was definitely an "out of the usual" kind of birthday)

This pic is probably around age 5-6. I can tell you from recently attending my neices and newpews birthday parties, TMNT is still totally in (the 80's-90's TMNT was better though... just saying)

Right after my birthday comes Thanksgiving. This holiday has changed a lot for me over the years. When I was a kid, my grandparents would drive up about an hour to us, and we would watch football and have dinner together. After my grandparents passed, it was just my parents, my sister and myself (we still watched football). When I first moved to New York, I spent them with my roommates family (no football). Now, I spend Thanksgiving with my wife, her parents, and their family (football in the backgorund). It's definitely different spending Thanksgiving with such a large family, compared to mine which is quite small, but it's a nice difference. I really enjoy getting to see all my neices and nephews. (And you know... football).

This pic is from a few years ago and some of the smaller kids appear to have teamed up to tackle one of the bigger kids

After Thanksgiving we work our way into December. Usually by now, the snow has started to fall at least a little bit. Most people think I'm crazy but I love the snow. Maybe it's because I grew up in Florida and never got to experience it as a kid. I love sledding, making/throwing snow balls and any other snow related activites (besides driving in snow, ugh). And, snow days off from work have allowed me as an adult to know the joy kids feel when they get a snow day off from school (all we ever got in Florida were hurricane days which are not fun... Ok, the missing school part was fun but unlike snow, you can't go out and play in a hurricane... not that I didn't try to).

December is also the month of my wife's birthday. Like my birthday, we usually mix up what we do. Some years we go out to eat, some years we go to her parents house and see family. This year, I want to plan something really special... I just don't know what yet. She keeps telling me she wants a million dollars. Maybe I'll get here that. That seems like a good gift. Anyone know where I can get that? 

Another big event in December is TKBC. We've had some amazing bands come through for it and made so many great memories at the shows over the years. 


And of course we all know Christmas (along with many other holidays) falls in December. Obviuosly Christmas is different now as an adult than it was as a kid but it's still a lot of fun. On Christmas Eve, we go out to my wife's family and exchnage presents and have dinner together. On Christmas day, I still get up early, and exchange/open presents with my wife. We hang out, play with all our new stuff... ok, maybe it's not that different from when we were kids. We usually end up making breakfast at home and do chinese takeout for lunch since its about the only thing open (and it's delicious).

In this first pic, I'm probably around 3-4 years old.

This second one is from a couple of years ago and features our cat Gizmo, currled up with some presents

And to top off all of those amazing things I just told you about, you have New Years. A time when anything is possible. If you had a bad year, you can start fresh. Or, if you had a great year, you can focus on keeping the momentum going into the next one! It literally feels like anything is possible. Plus who doesn't love synchronized counting backwards from 10?

It truely is my favorite time of the year. So much time with family and friends. So many events to go to. There's never a dull moment once October arrives!