July 27, 2017

Earlier this month, I took my annual vacation to South Florida and as I do on any vacation, I ate a lot of food. Food that I can't get in Buffalo, or at least food from places that we don't have here. Below is a highlight of the deliciousness that was my vacation.

First up would be my dinner from night one in Florida. There is a little BBQ joint down the street from my parents house called Lucille's. The picture is actually of a whole rack (the second half is hidden) and they run a special every Monday for full rack and 2 sides for $14.99. Not only is it a good deal, but also some damn fine BBQ.

A new place for me, was Pincho Burger in Miami. If you look them up online, they are famous for serving burgers with fried plantains as the buns. while I wasn't adventurous enough to try that this time (maybe next year), I did have a burger and fries and while it was a bit under whelming looking when it came out, it tasted amazing and left me totally full!

So last year when I went down to Florida, I kept telling my wife how she HAD to try the guacamole and chips from Tacos al Carbone and wouldn't you know it, they were SOLD OUT! So I told her we absolutely had to go this year and luckily they were not sold out. It was better than I remember. Fresh and tasty!

Next up was our 4th of July dinner. we went to a local sports bar chain called Duffy's. We started with the Southwest Eggrolls, and for my meal, I went back to the ribs, this time with shrimp, chicken tenders and fries (The Triple Play Combo).


There are a few places that are "must visits" while we are in Florida. One such place that we have to have breakfast at each year is Gateway Diner. This place is super cheap with huge portions, great service and amazing food. Sometimes I consider taking a redeye to FL just to grab some breakfast from here an come back... anyone want to come with? 

While anyone you ask in WNY will tell you Wegman's is the best ever, Publix will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thats why every year, on the way to my parents house from the airport, before I have even been anywhere else, I have to stop at Publix and get a Boar's Head ham sub. This year, I decided to get crazy with it an have some mac n cheese with it.

A new place we tried this year was Griddle Girlz. That would be biscuits and gravy across the table, and I had a breakfast burrito that was filling and delicious. This will likely also become a yearly regular spot.

Amazingly I didn't gain 20 pounds while I was down there. We got to eat at a lot of great places, I missed out on my all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at Crazy Buffet and we didn't get to Charm City Burger Co. this year either. But that why I go down every year. And now that my wife Leslie tried the Tacos al Carbone guac, she has to try the gator tail I've been telling her about for 4 years!