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#DiscoverAndDownload: Dominic Fike - 3 Nights

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March 18, 2019

“3 Nights” is featured on Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, the first official entry in Dominic Fike’s discography.  The EP is the culmination of a longtime dedication to and love of music. Born and raised in Naples, Fla., he was first introduced to music by his father, who taught him how to play guitar when he was 10. From there, he developed a taste for music on his own, refining his skills by looking at and learning from YouTube tutorial videos. His musical interests reflect those of one raised on the internet -- spanning everything from The Beatles to Frank Ocean and Young Thug.

From there, he began to experiment with writing and recording his own music. He recalls that the house was filled with musical equipment including a four-track recorder that he used to lay down his earliest work. With his brother, he played a variety of instruments—piano, guitar, vocals—on original songs, treating music as a hobby from his pre-teens up until he posted his demos. His compositions speak to his upbringing, embodying both the relaxed tempo of his native Florida and his own tumultuous upbringing in the sometimes oppressively sunny state. (“All the songs are a direct reflection of being in that environment,” he explains.) With his untimely incarceration behind him and Don’t Forget About Me, Demo s finally seeing the light of day, Fike is intent on releasing more music and sharing his perspective with the world, this time making sure that nothing stands in his way.



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