Photo Credit - Matthew-Reamer c/o Atlantic Records with permission to Entercom New York LLC


February 19, 2019

Have you heard "Cringe" on AltBuffalo yet? If you have, then we are sure you want to hear more about Matt Maeson and this great track! Matt's story of how he got started in music:

Matt Maeson’s journey from bedroom songwriter to buzzed-about new artist has been an unusual one. He spent his youth traveling with his parents’ family band, performing at prisons and motorcycle rallies as part of an outreach ministry. Raised on Christian music, it was when Maeson discovered “outside” artists like Johnny Cash and Jeff Buckley that something stirred inside him, and he began writing songs of his own in his bedroom closet.

Here's what Matt says about his song:
I didn’t think much of that song after I wrote it. I definitely didn’t think it would do as well as its done. “Cringe” is about being pushed away by the people you care about because of the lifestyle you live. I lived pretty rough for a while, and some of the people I really cared about would rather tell me how wrong I was rather than ask how I was doing. That’s the short version, anyway.